Student Association

AAUAL represents thousands of students – from undergraduate (Bachelor) to postgraduate (Post-graduations, Masters and PhDs) – with different social and cultural backgrounds. This is both a major responsibility and a huge challenge.

A personal challenge for each and every member of the student association but, above all, a group challenge. A challenge for a group that is composed of more than university colleagues; AAUAL represents the diversity of our University and it is on that plural nature that we base our action. Speak, listen to and inform the students. AAUAL needs everyone’s participation and only through reaching each and every student is AAUAL able to make our University an increasingly better place.

For us, speaking with the students means breaking barriers and exchanging ideas.. Only the participation of all students and their joining of forces with  AAUAL will allow for effective action by the student association. Pursue. The commitment, the will, the integrity and the persistence. Change. New elements, new ideas, a breath of fresh air.

AAUAL aims to do more and do better! You are a part of AAUAL… We want AAUAL to be a part of you… We count on you to make your challenges our challenges!


Presidente AAUAL:
Luís Branco