Pedagogical Council

The Pedagogical Council of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa is the governing body responsible for pedagogical coordination and supervision and for its educational guidance.

The Pedagogical Council includes
  • Equal number of lecturer and student representatives, elected by the lecturers and by the students, the maximum number of members being 44.
  • Each program (1st, 2nd, 3rd studies cycles) has a lecturer representative, elected by its peers, and a student representative, elected among the representatives of the different classes in each program.
  • The Pedagogical Councis is presided by a lecturer elected by the council members.
  • The term of office of the lecturers in the Pedagogical Council is three years.
  • The term of office of the students is one year and it ends at the beginning of each academic year.
Competences of the Pedagogical Council
  • Prepare and approve its rules and regulations;
  • Decide on pedagogical guidance and teaching and assessment methods;
  • Promote the application of regular surveys on the pedagogical performance of the university’s bodies and of the university, their processing and dissemination;
  • Promote assessment of lecturer performance by the lecturers and by the students, their processing and dissemination;
  • Analyze complaints regarding pedagogical issues and propose the necessary measures to resolve them;
  • Approve the Student Assessment Regulation;
  • Advise on the periods of limitation;
  • Advise on the creation of study cycles and on the existing study plans;
  • Advise on the creation of academic awards;
  • Advise on the academic calendar and the exams calendar;
  • Exercise all other powers pursuant the law or to the statutes.
Pedagogical Council Meetings
  • The Pedagogical Council has a regular meeting every semester and extra meetings whenever deemed relevant by its president or by at least eight of its members.
  • A minute is taken of every meeting, which is read to council members and, upon their approval, signed by the president and the member who took it.