Projeto Oficina de projeto comunitário — arte no contexto intercultural

The project on art in intercultural context was approved and financed through protocol with Almada Municipality and is being conducted through a partnership between the Lisbon Fine Arts School (coordinator) and CEACT.

The project proposes, using an innovative approach, to implement community street art project through proposals by artists from the area of Almada (which belongs to the Lisbon Metropolitan Region, which expands to the banks of the river Tagus opposite the city of Lisbon). To implement the project, we develop cultural activity strategies close to vulnerable communities of the neighbourhood Bairro do Pica Pau Amarelo.

The project focuses on fieldwork in a multicultural community in an urban area within Almada that evidences the difficulties experienced in social and urban integration and cohesion. The neighbourhoods’ organization is mainly formed by resettlement schemes – a physical space that evidences its inhabitants’ issues at social, economic and cultural levels in the urban decay of its public space.