Health Units Administration

DR, 2ª Série, Nº 135, de 16 de julho de 2018, Anúncio nº 121/2018.

Admission tests

One of the following test:

  • 04-Economics
  • 18-Portuguese
  • 16-Mathematics

General objectives:

  1. Provide students with the knowledge and the skills that will allow them to manage resources in Health Units efficiently, fostering efficient and effective health care in Units and design solutions for possible issues in managing resources: human, financial, in terms of facilities, materials, equipment or information technologies;
  2. Contribute to the success of Health Units in the context of economic difficulties and high competitiveness we are facing, providing specific training, focused on professional administration of Health Units, organizations with high impact in the country’s budget;
  3. Foster critical thinking and meet the demands of research and its connection with the professional, social and organizational aspects of Health Units.

Specific objectives:

  • Use of concepts, principles and tools in heath management;
  • Understand, analyse, synthesize and process all relevant information for decision-making and problem-resolution of complex issues, specific to Health Units Administration;
  • Define the organizational strategy and objectives, followed by performance assessment;
  • Further critical thinking and profitability of resources in Health;
  • Analyse the client’s needs and integrate information on the available organizational resources and on the environment to maximize productivity and profitability while maintaining quality; intervene as an agent of change in the organization, contributing to added value;
  • Master methods and techniques needed to conduct studies for organizations;
  • Develop skills in the scope of research in Health Units Administration.


  • Career Opportunities

The Bachelor program in Health Units Administration aims to prepare future professionals in administration, management or coordinating positions in health units, namely in family health unit, in health centres, hospitals, long-term care facilities, community care and private health care units or units specialized in complementary diagnostic tests and therapy.

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