Architecture (Integrated Master)

Anúncio n.º 153/2017, publicado no Diário da República, 2.ª série, N.º 168, 31 de agosto de 2017


One of the following tests:

  • 06-Philosophy
  • 10-Descriptive Geometry
  • 16-Mathematics

The study plan is divided into two studies cycles, in accordance to the Bologna Process.

The 1st studies cycle is 3 years long, awards the title of Bachelor in Architectural Studies and corresponds to 180 ECTS.

The 2nd studies cycle is 2 years long, awards the title of Integrated Master in Architecture and corresponds to 120 ECTS.

  • Objectives

The Integrated Master in Architecture at DA/UAL aims to train to future architects, providing them with high technical, professional and humanistic standards, able to meet the challenges that Architecture is faced with in the contemporary world.

Since our first graduates, in 2004, up to now, more than a hundred architects have been trained by the Department and are currently working in Portugal or abroad.

This Bachelor Program is included in the campaign “Seleção gradUAL”. Read more

    Course Structure

    SCULPTOR Carlos Nogueira

    Prof.ª Doutora Claúdia Pinto

    ARCHITECT Egas Vieira

    Eng.º Fernando Rodrigues

    Mestre Gonçalo Folgado

    Arquiteta Inês Lobo

    Arquiteto João Belo Rodeia

    Arquiteto Paisagista João Gomes da Silva

    Arquiteto João Pedro Simões Santa Rita Fernandes

    Prof. Doutor Joaquim Moreno

    Mestre Arquiteto José Adrião

    Prof. Doutor José Monterroso Teixeira

    Prof.ª Doutora Margarida Tavares

    Prof. Doutor Nuno Mateus

    Mestre Paulo Pires do Vale

    Arquiteto Pedro Reis

    Prof. Doutor Ricardo Carvalho

    Arquiteto Rui Mendes

    Arquiteto Telmo Cruz