Communication Sciences

DR, 2ª Série, Nº 186, de 26 setembro de 2014, Anúncio nº 235/2014


One of the following tests:

  • 06-Philosophy
  • 11-History
  • 18-Portuguese

The world keeps on moving and UAL moves with it. Since we know that the media in Portugal and the world is in permanent change, we offer multifaceted training in the fields of Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing.

Our program in Communication Sciences aims to respond to an increasingly demanding labour market and train our students to become professionals in any of those areas.

We have been committed to quality and accuracy since the 1989. Since we started, 25 years ago, we have trained well-known professionals in Communication in Portugal and abroad. Our perspective has always been to provide theoretical training based on practice in real work environment through UALMedia, a multimedia platform in which Communication students post their work.

We are in the city centre, two steps away from Marquês de Pombal, and we have television and radio studios furnished with high-end equipment and multiplatform newsrooms.

Decree-Order n.º 9957-AP/2007, of 18 April, Accredited by A3ES, on 30/06/2014.

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