Diário da República, 2.ª série - N.º 54 - 17 de março de 2018

The PhD Program is law is a six-semester program. The two first semesters include courses on different topics, the third semester is devoted to designing the thesis project and the remaining three semesters focus on thesis writing.

In the first two semesters, students attend and present projects on the core course of the specialism and on one elective course. The final grade of the course is the average of all the grades attained in the projects conducted within the scope of the course unit.

At least one of the projects should be presented at a scientific meeting and eventually published. This will award 5 ECTS in the third semester.

The projects conducted throughout the academic year may be published in the section “working papers” of the research centre – Centro de Investigação Ratio Legis – allowing for PhD students’ work to be integrated in the research conducted in Ratio Legis.

  • Students must also participated in seminar sessions.
  • In the third semester, upon approval by the Scientific Council for admission to conduct their thesis, students must prepare a thesis project, which will be discussed and assessed by a jury.
  • The remaining three semesters are dedicated to writing the PhD thesis.

Despacho 7988/2008 (DR 2.ª série, n.º 54, de 17 de março de 2008), Acreditado pela A3ES, em 06/08/2012.

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