The third studies cycle in History aims to provide future PhDs with the skills to conduct research and its dissemination.

The PhD in History aims to provide students with theoretical, logical, epistemological and ontological knowledge, as well as research methodologies and techniques that will allow them to design and organize research questions, as well as assess scientific validity of hypotheses at empirical level in order to meet the demands of the scientific and academic community.

The PhD id History aims to foster students’ knowledge of research and production of high quality, innovative and socially interesting scientific work, namely, a thesis. Therefore, the several course units include research and critical analysis of reference scientific books and papers in order to train students to prepare and present their own research.

Meeting our objectives is evidenced in students’ skills in interpreting and critically thinking about the research conducted thus far, as well as in producing and validating theoretical perspectives and research questions and publicly presenting and discussing them before experts in the field.

    Course Structure