Sports Management


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The Bachelor Program in Sports Management is the result of a strategy to reinforce the position of the Economic and Business Sciences Department and of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. The Bachelor Program in Sports Management thus complements the training offer in the field of Management. The high employability of Management graduates and the feedback from their employers has also led to the creation of the program.

The Bachelor Program in Sports Management presents a demanding study plan that includes two scientific fields, Management and Sports, thus providing students with very specific skills that allow them to easily integrate the labour market.

The students in the Bachelor Program in Sports Management have the opportunity to be in direct contact with partner sports organizations, national and international, through study visits, fieldwork, practical cases and other work that will allow them to be in contact with real life conditions and build their networking. We aim that students acquire the general and specific skills in the fields of management and sports, further scientific and technical tools and develop skills in problem-resolution in new situations or in wide and multidisciplinary contexts in sports management, fostering entrepreneurship in sports management, autonomy and maturity in acquiring new knowledge..

We aim to train students with the technical, behavioural and theoretical skills that will allow them to attain their goals as a team.

  • Career Opportunities

Possible career opportunities for graduates in Sports Management include becoming  Managers, Directors, Consultants, Assistants, Auditors, Entrepreneurs, and Sports Officers in different types of organizations, such as

  • Central, Regional or Local Administration services;
  • Olympic and Paralympic Committees, sporting Federations and Confederations, Sports Clubs and Sports Associations;
  • Non-governmental Organizations (NGO);
  • Health Clubs / SPAs;
  • Sports Service Companies (organizing sports events, providing leisure and sports tourism services, adventure and xtreme sports services, etc.);
  • Sports equipment companies;
  • Sports consultancy companies;
  • Media companies.

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