War and Peace in New International Relations

The Master in Peace and War Studies in the New International Relations opened in 2003-2004 and has become a relevant space for strategical thinking on and for promoting peace.

This program was especially designed for diplomats, international officers, journalists specialized in International Relations, event recent graduates, as well as military and members of the security forces. The program aims to provide students with skills on strategic issues (in an international context in deep change), including non-military threats and new types of violence, as well as the conditions to promote peace (preventative diplomacy, crisis management, conflict mediation, social reconstruction processes).

The program was organized in a sequence of six theoretical-practical courses (theoretical and methodological, legal, economic, strategic and current perspectives) and three seminars (on more specific issues) lectured by Portuguese and foreign experts.

Master Dissertations may be linked to research projects from OBSERVARE, the research unit on international relations at UAL.

The Master in Peace and War Studies in the International Relations is a four-semester program that awards 120 ECTS,  authorized under Announcement nº 8246/2011 – 2nd series – Nº 114 – 15 June, in Diário da República. The Master is accredited by the Assessment and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (ACEF/1213/07672).

    Course Structure