History and Heritage

Diário da República, 2.ª sérire - N.º 187 - 27 de setembro de 2018

Análise documental e entrevista individual.

The second studies cycle in History and Heritage aims to provide training to specialized officers that contribute to enhancement and innovation in historical research and also adopt the best practices in the scope of cultural heritage protection, preservation, management and dissemination.

We aim that the students

  • Acquire specialized skills in the fields of the course units;
  • Further methodological skills in historical and heritage research;
  • Contribute to scientific production in the fields of the course units;
  • Master technologies in Digital Humanities;
  • Participate in protecting, preserving, disseminating and managing Cultural Heritage;
  • Plan and implement heritage intervention projects;
  • Acquire the know-how required to intervene in knowledge dissemination processes through participating in conferences, writing reports, papers, etc.

Activities to be developed in the scope of the Master

  • Archaeological excavations and preservation projects;
  • Visits to monuments and other heritage elements;
  • Planning, organizing, and setting up exhibitions;
  • Organizing scientific events;
  • Participating in national and international forums on historical, archaeological and heritage topics;
  • Integrating a researcher in the Research Centre on Historical Sciences;
  • Historical research on the web.

    Course Structure