Admission tests

One of the following tests:

  • 06-Philosophy
  • 11-History
  • 18-Portuguese

We aim to provide our students with the skills needed to integrate the labour market as we foster our students to gain interest in continuous education.

We aim that our students feel motivated to continue their academic training and further their education at our University through attending post-graduation, Master or PhD programs. We aim that our graduate is able to become a teacher, researcher, officer at municipalities, Ministries, etc., among other activities:

  • Activities related to tourism – tour guide, consultant to travel agencies and hotels on cultural interest locations.
  • Production of texts for tourism tours and creation of theme tours; Consultant to companies, cultural and environmental associations (legislation, national and European programs and guided tours);
  • Writing monographs on locations, study of local and regional heritage in its artistic, historical, ethnological aspects, etc.
  • Active participation in heritage policy issues and management of community assets, participation in municipality bodies, creation and animation of cultural associations, etc.

Considering the possible career options for our graduates, we have identified the public and private institutions that may use the services of our graduates:

  • Schools (Primary and Secondary Education)
  • Archives
  • Libraries
  • Municipalities
  • Museums
  • Tourism Boards
  • Tourism Regions
  • Charities,
  • TV channels
  • National and international representations – National Assembly, European Parliament, etc.

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Course Structure