Computing for Management

DR, 2ª Série, Nº 135, de 16 de julho de 2018, Anúncio nº 120/2018.

Admission tests

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  • 16-Mathematics

Graduates in Computing and Management are multi-faceted professionals with a crucial role as they link the needs of corporate management and Information Systems.

They are obvious candidates to direct Information Systems and play their role as liaison between the Board and those working in technologies.

Considering their deep knowledge of Management and IT Project, the graduate in Computing and Management has a profile for Consulting and Auditing, Project Direction and development of ICT to support management activities.

Their multifaceted training makes them the best candidates to boost technological development at organizations.

They are the promoters of Change Management at organizations.


  • Objectives
  • In order to fulfil their role as promoters of change in decision-making processes and in organization management, graduates in Computing and Management need have deep knowledge on both fields – Computing and Management. Their training must include a wide range of technological knowledge (system, data networks, operating systems planning, development and assessment), and a mastering of technologies directly related to management, databases. They need a good knowledge of management that will allow them to understand the needs of organizations in order to define, defend and carry out the implementation of the best solutions, clearly assessing costs and benefits of possible alternative solutions.
  • They need leadership, negotiation and consensus skills to carry out their role as intermediaries between Management and Information Systems. They therefore need to develop excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as people skills. They also need to have excellent skills in fast prototyping and model design, in analysing organizational impact and costs of management solutions.
  • The graduate in Computing and Management needs to experience realistic problem-resolution in Management that require study, planning, presentation and defence of viable solutions for the actual issues presented. Experiences in the demands of business should be promoted and their translation to functional requirement applicable to ICT. Experience in teamwork is crucial, involving work organization, management and valuing of the person as a relevant resource in the organization-


  • Career Opportunities

The program in Computing and Management at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa provides integrated training in the fields of Management and Information and Communication Technologies.

This synergy provides great career opportunities for our students, who are able to understand the needs of management from the point of view of a computer professional. The graduate in Computing and Management acts in the following areas in the labour market:

  • Architecture and design of computer systems and apps
  • Management of computer systems and networks
  • Risk and security analysis in Information Systems
  • Management of computer project
  • Consulting and auditing

These are the areas in which companies recruit graduates in Computing and Management:

  • Large service companies;
  • Telecommunication operators;
  • Consulting services;
  • Computer service companies;
  • Software houses;
  • Industrial companies;
  • Public administration.

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