Sciences and Technologies Department

The Sciences and Technologies Department (STD) is a multidisciplinary unit of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL) in the field of technologies, responsible for the teaching of several study cycles and for Research and Development activities (R&D) in technological areas, such as Information Systems and Technologies, and Electronic Systems and Telecommunications.

The STD contributes to the training of persons with high technical and human skills that are essential for companies, state entities and other organizations and systems in their various sectors of intervention. The department’s solid quality of its study cycles is attested by the high degree of employability of its graduates and the feedback from their employers.

Our department has been implementing a new UAL strategy that includes the creation of new studies cycles that complement the existing offer; the signing of partnerships with external institutions that reinforce our training offer and R&D; the creation of research centres – in our case Autonoma Techlab -;  and the refurbishing of facilities and labs used both for training and for R&D activities.

The Department also coordinates several non-diploma programs, such as Cisco CCNA, offered within UAL Cisco Academy, and the post-graduation in Cable and Wireless Networks: Theory & Practice.

The Department’s academic staff is rather young and 90% hold a PhD, which meets the required criteria of accuracy, quality, experience and expertise, both at scientific and pedagogical levels; ours is a solid team available to assist students in their learning process.

This strategy allows UAL to strengthen its reference position among Portuguese private universities providing programs in new technologies.