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Master Degrees

History and Heritage



The Bachelor program in History is known for its use of innovative methodologies towards employability and for providing students with solid knowledge that will allow them to further their education. The active methodologies used follow international standards and aim to allow students to take advantage of university exchange programs available.

Students are also invited to become involved in extra-curricular projects and in research activities in the fields of History, Archeology and Heritage. Our study plan thus includes the field of History and its core areas, Institutional, Political, Economic and Social, as well as training in the fields of Archeology and Art History,  and in complementary technical fields, namely Paleography and Epigraphy.

The current Bachelor program in History aims to train future professionals for teaching, research, including applied research, and for governmental and municipal public services, archives, libraries, museums, among other activities, such as:

Active participation in municipal bodies in matters of heritage and management of community goods, designing and implementing cultural associations, exhibitions, etc.

Tourism activities – training guides specialized in cultural matters, in designing and planning tourist programs and theme itineraries.

Research and survey of local and regional heritage in its artistic, historical, and ethnological aspects and writing theme monographs.

Consultancy in companies in organizing their archive and writing monographs on these companies.