Alex Sander Pires , PHD

- Departamento de Direito - Doutoramento em Direito - Mestrado em Direito

Alex Sander Pires has completed post-doctoral studies (Portugal), holds a PhD in Legal and Social Sciences (Argentina) recognized in Portugal by NOVA, a PhD in Political Science (Brazil), a Master in Law (Brazil), and is a specialist in Contemporary Philosophy, State and Administrative Law and Civil Procedural Law;
He has been a lecturer at Bachelor, post-graduate, Master and PhD programs in Portugal, Brazil and Argentina;
He has authored many texts in the fields of Law (Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Civil Procedural Law, Consumption Law and Hermeneutics), Political Science (Liberalism and the Reconstruction of Constitutional State) and Philosophy (axiology and positivism).
A lawyer for almost twenty years, he has been an active member of the Brazilian Bar Association, having been appointed several positions within the Association, such as: Committee Delegate; Subsection Prosecutor; Committee President [Studies on Comparative Law] and [Education] Committee Advisor, as well as speaker and speaker-trainer on general legal practice, having lectured in different sections of the Bar Association in Brazil;
He is a researcher at Ratio Legis – Centro de Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Ciências Jurídicas, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (RL/UAL) and at CEDIS – Centro de Investigação & Desenvolvimento sobre Direito e Sociedade, NOVA (CEDIS/FD/UNL), in which he coordinates research projects on extremism leading to terrorism and on the changes in paradigm regarding the Right to Peace; Alex Sander Pires has also participated in several Law conferences as a speaker.