André Ventura , PHD

- Departamento de Direito - Doutoramento em Direito - Licenciatura em Direito - Mestrado em Direito

André Ventura holds a Bachelor Degree in Law by the Faculty of Law, NOVA and a PhD in Law by University College Cork (Ireland).

His research work focuses mainly on tax law, criminal law and legal procedural law. He is integrated researcher at CEDIS (Centro de Investigação & Desenvolvimento sobre Direito e Sociedade da FD_UNL) and has lectured in several higher education institutions, both in Portugal and abroad, on different areas within Public Law.

He has published papers in several scientific journals, as well as the following books:

Introdução à Fiscalidade, e-book, Lisboa (2017)

Justiça, Corrupção e Jornalismo (co-authored by Miguel Fernandes), Vida Económica (2015)

A Nova Justiça Internacional, Chiado Editora, Lisboa (2015)

A Nova Administração Pública (includes annotated General Law on State Employment), Quid Juris, Lisboa (2014)

A Reforma do IRC (co-authored by António Carlos dos Santos), Vida Económica, Lisboa (2014)

Lições de Direito Fiscal, Chiado Editora, Lisboa (2014)

Lições de Direito Penal, Volume I, UAL/Instituto de Direito Publico/Chiado Editora (2013)

Montenegro, 2nd ed. Revista, Chiado Editora, Lisboa (2008)

A Última Madrugada do Islão, Chiado Editora, Lisboa (2009)

He regularly comments on security and justice, politics and sports on television and in the printed press.