João Hipólito

- Bachelor degree in Psychology - Master in Clinical Psychology and Counselling - Pedagogical Council - Psychology Department - Scientific Council

Ciência Vitae

PhD in Medicine (Genève, 1976) and in Psychology (UALG, 2014). Graduated in Medicine and Surgery (Faculty of Medicine of LM – Mozambique, 1969), Swiss Federal Diploma of Medicine (Genève’s University, 1980). Psychiatrist, Child psychiatrist, Psychotherapist (1981, OM & FMH).

Head Doctor (Sector I of the Medical-Pedagogical Service of Geneva, 1973 to 1975),  (Psycho-Social Center’s Clinic of Canton of Fribourg, 1975-1980), Psychiatric Hospital of the North Sector of Canton of Vaud ( CH) (1980-1983).

UAL’s full Professor.

UAL’s Center for Research in Psychology President.

Member of the Scientific Council and President of the Pedagogical Council of the UAL.

Published 60 articles in specialized magazines.

He has 10 books chapters and 3 books in areas of Medical Sciences and Health, Psychology and Education Sciences.

Interacted with 106 collaborators in co-authoring scientific works.