José Amado Mendes

- Bachelor degree in History - History, Arts and Humanities Department - Master in History and Heritage - PhD in History - Scientific Council

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José Amado Mendes is from Coimbra. He graduated in History from the University of Coimbra (1972). In 1974, he finished his master’s degree in Sciences of Education at the University of Texas, Austin (USA). PhD in Modern and Contemporary History from the University of Coimbra (1985), where he obtained the title of aggregate (1991) and he was a full professor.

He held management functions at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, including as President of the Scientific Council. He created and coordinated the Master’s Courses in Economic and Social History and Museology and Heritage and supervised several master’s dissertations and doctoral thesis.

He collaborated with the Viseu pole of the Portuguese Catholic University and is a member of scientific associations, both national and foreign.

He is a full professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra (retired) and at the Autonomous University of Lisbon, where he coordinates the Master’s and Doctorates Support Office and participates in other activities, both teaching and research.

He has published several works in the areas of Economic and Social History, Historiography, Business History, Museology and Cultural Heritage.