José Brás Santos

- Bachelor degree in Economics - Bachelor degree in Health Units Administration - Bachelor degree in Management - Bachelor degree in Sports Management - Economic and Business Sciences Department - Master in Business Management - Scientific Council

Ciência Vitae

PhD in Business Sciences (2009), European PhD (2009), Diploma of Advanced Studies in Business Management and Marketing Management (2005), all at Universidad de Sevilla, and Degree in Management – specialization in the Financial area (2001).

He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economic and Business Sciences at Universidade Autonóma de Lisboa. Integrated researcher at «Observare – Observatory of External Relations» of the Autonomous University of Lisbon and guest researcher at the University of Seville.

It is dedicated to research on behavioural issues and human resource management, the use of Rasch models in academic and applied research within the scope of economic and business sciences.

Order of Economists member. In addition to academic experience as a teacher and researcher, he has extensive professional experience in the private and public sectors.