Laércio Júnior

- Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering - Bachelor degree in Computing for Management - Bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering and Telecommunications - Master in Electronics Engineering and Telecommunications - Sciences and Technologies Department

Ciência Vitae

I am an education and e-education and consulting professional, having taught technical and academic courses on operating systems, networking, mobile communications, digital systems, computer architecture, software engineering, high performance computing, web development and others, and having also a significant experience in IT-related consultancy.

On July 2011, I finished my PhD studies on Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal.

My current goal is getting actively involved in academic and research activities while keeping Anima Sana in Corpore Sano – I completed marathons in June 2017 (Brazil), April 2018 (France), November 2018 (Portugal) and September 2019 (Poland), and several other half-marathons and shorter road runs. To achieve my professional goals I am also using my corporate and consultancy experience and knowledge as an added value for teaching graduation and post-graduation courses, also remotely with tools such as Zoom, MS-Teams, Moodle, as well as getting certifications on online education.
I consider myself as a dependable and disciplined person, both for honoring goals and deadlines and for delivering in excess of what I am asked for.

Specialties: Education and online education; IT-related consultancy; pro-active, customer oriented; course and course resources management; network and parallel/distributed processing; IoT-enabling technologies; programming languages; computer architecture and digital circuits.