Luís Carmelo

- Bachelor degree in Communication Science - Communication Sciences Department

Ciência Vitae

Luís Carmelo is a Portuguese writer, born in Évora (1954).

PhD in semiotics (University of Utrecht, Netherlands), LC is the author of several novels, essays, manuals and volumes of poetry. LC is published in Portugal, Brazil, Spain and Holland (c / (anthology of poetry of the last decade in press in Mexico).
Associate Professor at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.

Essay Prize of the Portuguese Writers Association, 1988. Finalist of several prizes (the most recent are Oceanos-2019 and Casino da Póvoa / Correntes d´Escritas-2019 Literary Prize). Adaptation to the cinema of the novel ‘A Falha’ (2002) by director João Mário Grilo.

Chronicler at Expresso (2005-2009), RTP1 (2013) and since 2018 at Hoje Macau.

Since 2008, he directs EC.ON – Escola de Escritas and develops partnerships, in this context, with CVC (Instituto Camões). He is editor of the publisher Nova Mymosa. Website: