Luís Lima

- Bachelor degree in Communication Science - Communication Sciences Department - Master in Communication Science

Ciência Vitae

PhD in Philosophy – Aesthetics, by FCSH/ Universidade Nova de Lisboa, under the joint supervision of José Gil (UNL) and Antoine Compagnon (Paris 4 Sorbonne), as scholarship holder of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He was also awarded a scholarship by the Foundation for Science and Technology for a master’s degree in Communication, Contemporary Culture from the same university. He graduated in Communication Sciences at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (UAL) with a thesis on the mutual conditioning between criticism and art.

He has collaborated as a journalist in various publications (Volta ao Mundo, National Geographic Magazine, Arte Ibérica, Arte Capital, Diário de Notícias, etc.). He is a lecturer at the UAL and at the Escola Superior de Design (ESD) of the Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave (IPCA), where he teaches Image Theory, Creative Writing, Communication and Digital Storytelling among others.

He also works as a freelance literary translator for several book publishers, having translated authors as Jacques Rancière, Didi-Huberman, François Truffaut, Bernard Stiegler, etc. Since 2018 he is a member of the organising committee of the international conference Forum of the Real and a member of the Selection Committee at the Porto/Pos/Doc International Film Festival.

He is a collaborating researcher in ICNova (Culture, Media and Arts) and integrated at CEAA (Art and Critical Studies), he also integrates the scientific commission of CONFIA-International Conference on Illustration and Animation at IPCA.