Marta Sequeira

- Architecture Department - Bachelor + Master

Ciência Vitae

Marta Sequeira holds a professional degree in architecture from the Technical University of Lisbon (Universidade de Lisboa) and a PhD in Architectural Projects from the School of Architecture of Barcelona – with a thesis on the Corbusian public space and its relationship with the Greek and Roman public space. With this thesis, she won the University Texts of Social and Human Sciences contest and the ICAR-CORA Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis.

She is the author of several books and essays on contemporary Portuguese architecture and international modern architecture published in Portugal, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Lithuania, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and the United States of America. She has received the Prix de la Recherche Patiente – the most prestigious international award on Corbusian Studies awarded annually by the Le Corbusier Foundation in Paris – with the research presented in Towards a public space. 

She also won, with her practice, the AZ Award of Merit 2019 (organized by Azure in Toronto), was a finalist of the 2018 FAD Award and the 2019 FAD Award (organized by Arquinfad in Barcelona) and the BigMat International Architecture Award 2019 (organized by BigMat International in Luxembourg).