Paula Lopes

- Bachelor degree in Communication Science - Communication Sciences Department

Ciência Vitae

Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL) and Deputy Director of the Communication Sciences Department. Scientific coordinator of the Degree in Communication Sciences and of the Master in Applied Communication, she is an integrated researcher of the Centre of Communication and Society Studies of the University of Minho – Media Research Group and Journalism, and coordinator researcher of NIP-C@M– Autonomous University of Lisbon.

PhD in Sociology at ISCTE – University Institute of Lisboa, in 2014, with the thesis “Media Literacy and Citizenship: Practices and skills of adults in training in Greater Lisbon” (FCT funding). She works in the areas of Social Sciences, with emphasis on Communication Sciences and Sociology of Communication. Research areas: Media Literacy and Literacy, Citizenship, Media, Journalism.