Paulo Ventura

- Bachelor degree in Sports Management - Economic and Business Sciences Department

Ciência Vitae

Post-Doctorate in Architecture under the theme “Reflection on canons of sustainable architecture in the enhancement of nautical tourism in Portugal – Case study the estuary of the Mondego River – Figueira da Foz”, Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon; PhD in Human Motricity in the Specialty of Sociology and Sports Management, Faculty of Human Motricity of the University of Lisbon. Assistant Professor s/aggregation at the Department of Economic and Business Sciences – Sports Management Course at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. He has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Fernando Pessoa University – Porto and a Technical Civil Engineer from the School of Technology and Management of Beja. Research with participation in lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, papers, linked to the themes: tourism; active tourism; sport; nature sports; Architecture barriers; safety and risk management in nature sports; high organizational performance in the management of nature sports; nature sports – emergence of new cultures, mentalities and lifestyles; optimization and management of sports spaces; sports tourism- contributions to the design of na archetype of sports equipment; sport management; nature sports and architectural barriers, the case of the protectd and classified areas of the algarve; pilot action workshop of B-Learning Course NATUR. For twenty-three years he was also a professional technical at the Nature Conservation Institute. Having also developed for four years, under the Service Commission, the activity of Head of Division of the Port and Maritime Transport Institute – Department of Infrastructure and Heritage of the Port Delegation of the Port Center of Figueira da Foz, Nazaré and Peniche – of the Port and Maritime Transport Institute – having as mission the Management of the Public Maritime Domain of the Center Delegation, the coordination of the IPTM works servisse – Center Delegation, namely: interventions in the dominant área, embankments, marina, pier comercial and related place; the coordination of the property management servisse of the IPTM – Center Delegation, namely with regard to licensing, permits and licenses: buidings in the dominant place, sports activities and events, fairs, recreational and leisure activities, incluiding water sports in marine places, (surf championship – Cabedelo), sailing, rowing, paragliding with engine, etc.); coordination of the servisse of general technical support and inspection of work of IPTM – Figueira da Foz, namely: definition of places and places for events, fairs and sports and leisure activities.