Paulo Ventura

- Bachelor degree in Sports Management - Economic and Business Sciences Department

Ciência Vitae

Currently develops the activity of assistant professor without aggregation in the Department of Economic and Business Sciences – Sport Management Course at the Autonomous University of Lisbon. He is doing the Post-Doctorate in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon. He holds a PhD in Human Motricity in the Speciality of Sociology and Sport Management, issued by the Faculty of Human Motricity at the Univesity of Lisbon.

Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, enrolled in the order of Architects – School of Technology and Management of Beja. Research with participation in lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, papers, linked to the themes: tourism; active tourism; sport; nature sports; Architecture barriers; safety and risk management in nature sports; high organizational performance in the management of nature sports; nature sports – emergence of new cultures, mentalities and lifestyles; optimization and management of sports spaces; sports tourism- contributions to the design of na archetype of sports equipment; sport management; nature sports and architectural barriers, the case of the protectd and classified areas of the algarve; pilot action workshop of B-Learning Course NATUR.

For twenty-three years he was also a professional technical at the Nature Conservation Institute. Having also developed for four years, under the Service Commission, the activity of Head of Division of the Port and Maritime Transport Institute – Department of Infrastructure and Heritage of the Port Delegation of the Port Center of Figueira da Foz, Nazaré and Peniche – of the Port and Maritime Transport Institute – having as mission the Management of the Public Maritime Domain of the Center Delegation, the coordination of the IPTM works servisse – Center Delegation, namely: interventions in the dominant área, embankments, marina, pier comercial and related place; the coordination of the property management servisse of the IPTM – Center Delegation, namely with regard to licensing, permits and licenses: buidings in the dominant place, sports activities and events, fairs, recreational and leisure activities, incluiding water sports in marine places, (surf championship – Cabedelo), sailing, rowing, paragliding with engine, etc.); coordination of the servisse of general technical support and inspection of work of IPTM – Figueira da Foz, namely: definition of places and places for events, fairs and sports and leisure activities.