Sandra Ribeiro

- Bachelor degree in Computing for Management - Bachelor degree in Economics - Bachelor degree in Health Units Administration - Bachelor degree in Sports Management - Economic and Business Sciences Department - International Relations Department - Master in Business Management - Master in International Relations - Pedagogical Council - PhD in International Relations: Geopolitics and Geoeconomics - Sciences and Technologies Department

Ciência Vitae

PhD in Economics from the Autonoma University of Lisbon (UAL), a master’s degree in Monetary and Financial Economics from the Institute of Economics and Management (ISEG) and a degree in Economics from UAL.

Professor at the Autonoma University of Lisbon since 1999, an adjunct professor at the Lisbon Institute of Accounting and Administration (ISCAL) since 2014 and a trainer since 2003. Advisor to the Department of Economic and Business Sciences and member of the Pedagogical Council of UAL.

Integrated researcher at the UAL Research Center, OBSERVARE-Foreign Relations Observatory.

Has several scientific articles published in international scientific journals, books and chapters of books, presentations and publications in congresses, conferences and seminars. The research areas are: Economy and International Trade, Economy and Macroeconomics. Is also a reviewer of several national and international scientific publications.

Member of AEA (American Economic Association), ASEPELT (International Association of Applied Economics) and AEDEM (European Academy of Management and Business Economics).