Studies Centre on Architecture, City and Territory (CEACT)

The Studies Centre on Architecture, City and Territory [CEACT] promotes research on Architecture theory and practice.

It aims to
  • Contribute to enhancing the quality of architecture theory and practice in Portugal;
  • Produce and disseminate R&D projects in the fields of Architecture and Territory Planning;
  • Support lecturers and students of the Integrated Master in Architecture;
  • Provide support to advanced training of human resources, namely in the scope of academic career development and supervision of Master dissertations and PhD theses;
  • Conduct seminars, conferences and activities to disseminate research results and other work conducted within the scope of the Master in Architecture;
  • Integrate international research networks, fostering participation of researchers in R&D projects and international conferences;
  • Foster publication of books and papers;
  • Systematic collection of documents in the field of Architecture and Territory Planning.
Research Strands
  • Urban planning and public monuments (in partnership with CICH)
  • Contemporary Portuguese architecture

This strand is being implemented. We are currently preparing two research projects for 2013/2014: Colonato de Pegões e Arquitetura Portuguesa durante a 2ª Guerra Mundial.

Research Projects

Lisbon Neighborhoods 2012
Fronteiras Urbanas: a dinâmica dos encontros culturais na educação comunitária (projeto FCT PTDC/CPE-CED/119695/2010)
Oficina de projeto comunitário – arte no contexto intercultural