Counseling Office (GAPS)

The Psychology Department at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa founded the Counseling Office (GAPS) in 2001. This office offers students, lecturers and staff counselling service aimed at helping people struggling to overcome their difficulties through developing their potential.

European and American universities have for long invested in counseling services or psychology appointments to optimize personal well-being and students’ skills. Similarly, some of Portuguese academia considers that the University should not be seen as a place to convey knowledge but as a true “Community of interests”, in which students and lecturers aim to advance knowledge and develop the individual and society.

The person as a whole is in constant change, interacting with the environment in its organic, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions. Learning and intellectual development are necessarily influenced by how this is experienced and by the strategies used to deal with internal and external situations you are faced with in life.

Confronting demands and challenges posed by the academic worlds sometimes triggers feelings of inability that impact your self-esteem; managing individual differences in the context of a group may lead to inner conflicts that result in isolation or discouragement; uncertainties and devisions from a personal and professional perspective lead the individual to question your existence; the way you deal with daily stress may lead to inadequate behavior that may cause psychological pain.

Humans have skills that help manage or overcome adversity. However, there are moments in life in which, due to internal or external factors, you may need the help of a professional. This help, provided with confidentiality, may prove essential to reflect, clarify, find confidence and well-being and, consequently, improve the quality of life and self-fulfillment.

GAPS provides free service to:

  • Students, lecturers, staff.


Appointments: 2ª to 6ª, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Counseling Office
Residence: Rua de Santa Marta (edifício fronteiro ao palácio), N.º 47 – 5º andar – sala 507
Tel.: 21 317 76 87