Employability Office


We aim to integrate our students and recent graduates into working life.

GIP has signed protocols with several institutions in different sectors so as to be able to provide professional experience to students and graduates that may become the bases of a solid professional career.

GIP supports students and graduates’ integration into working life. Our objectives in regards to the business community and society in general are:

  • Respond to recruitment requests by companies and match supply and demand of vacancies;
  • Promote the link between the academic and the corporate world through information of the target audiences;
  • Provide professional experiences to students and recent graduates through designing work plans to be carried out in companies from different sectors.

The activities carried out by GIP are:

  • Assessing the specific needs of companies, of the scientific and pedagofgical community and of the students;
  • Sign protocols with different institutions in different areas;
  • Train, recruit and select students and recent graduates by Autónoma so as to promote their professional integration;
  • Design traineeship plans in accordance to the needs identified;
  • Implement and follow-up traineeships;
  • Design surveys and other follow-up and assessment tools in order to evaluate the developed activities;
  • Collect and process the data to assess the impact of the developed activities.


Appointments: 2ª to 6ª, from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Residence: Rua de Santa Marta, N.º 47 – 1º andar
E-mail: alumni@autonoma.pt
Tel.: 213 177 672