Student Ombudsperson

Dr. Ruy Manuel Correia de Seabra

The student Ombudsperson is an independent body aimed at advocating for the rights and interest of students at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.

The student Ombudsperson is appointed by the Founding Entity (C.E.U.), after consultation of the Rector, for a two-year mandate.


  1. The student Ombudsperson listens to and analyses all issues involving the students, upon request by the students, by the University’s governing bodies or by the Founding Entity.
  2. After hearing the parties and taking the necessary steps, the student Ombudsperson writes a Recommendation to the Founding Entity in case of a disciplinary issue, or a Recommendation to the Rector in all other issues.

Meeting with the Student Ombudsperson is subject to prior appointment via: